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  • Eviction – Fixed Fee


    Many small landlords don’t have the in-house expertise to handle an eviction. Many don’t succeed after two or three tries and months of work. This all-inclusive package handles two standard notices, filing the court case, serving court documents, appearing in court for you, and scheduling the sheriff.

  • Hourly Services


    We always estimate our services before beginning. Then we set a limit that we will not exceed without meeting to discuss your options. We keep your costs under control and let you direct the work. We also build in check-points so that you can decide if it’s worth continuing or not. We respect your time…

  • Small Claims Litigation


    Small claims cases are for claims under $6,500. The small-claims court is designed so that most people can represent themselves. However, having a lawyer represent you gives an advantage. We ensure the court documents are filed and served properly, gather and upload all the evidence, coach you so that you’re ready and help you understand…