Trademark Search


A professional trademark search combs the Trademark Office’s database for similar matches and scours the Internet for uses that could block your trademark registration.


Save time and frustration with a thorough trademark search.

By registering your trademark you can enforce your rights against others who promote a product in a confusingly similar way. It also grants you rights to sue for damages when someone impersonates your brand in appropriately. It begins with a professional trademark search.

If you have questions, we encourage you to schedule a free meeting with our team. This can be in-person or virtual. Book an appointment online now. Want to make payments? No problem! Make sure to mention that during our meeting.

Why pay for a professional trademark search?

  • We’ll identify others who may be using a mark similar to yours and could complicate the registration process.
  • Sometimes, we learn that a trademark registration will be impossible.
  • It helps you avoid infringing someone else’s trademark, which could avoid expensive lawsuits!

Our trademark searches are not simple exact match searches. We search for alternative spellings and similar-sounding works. We also search the Internet and social media for others who may have used your desired mark before you. It’s not unusual for our searches to return over 100 pages of similar matches, even when a simple US PTO search returns zero results!